Label: Just In Time
Cat No: JTR 8498-2

Edoardo Ponti

1. Between Strangers Theme
2. Olivia, Natalia, Catherine
3. Remembrance 1
4. Father
5. Remembrance 2
6. Lullaby (a cappella)
7. Time
8. Angola
9. Dreams
10. Passion Of Creation
11. Sculptures
12. Olivia, Peace Of Heart
13. Lullaby (piano)
14. Photography
15. Confessions
16. Olivia, Natalia, Catherine, The Meeting
17. New Life
18. Portraits
19. Between Strangers End Credits
20. Between Strangers Farewell
Orchestra Orkiestra Smyczkowa Filharmonii Narodowej
Conductor Michal Nesterowicz
Soloists Leszek Mozdzer - piano, Hammond organ
John Parricelli - guitar
Mitch Dalton - guitar
Stefan Sendecki - samplers
Andy Pask - bass guitar
Jerzy Glowczewski - alto saxophone
Jacek Ostaszewski - flute
Piotr Wijtasik - trumpet
Olgierd Komorowski - bass clarinet
Anna Sikorzak-Olek -harp
Wojciech Kowalewski & Monika Szulioska - percussion
Katarzyna Listwan - voice

Between Strangers premiered at the Venice Film Festival on 30th August 2002 and the Toronto Film Festival on 13th September 2002. The film was released in Italy in September and nationwide in Canada in October 2002. USA and European releases took place in 2003-4.

The film stars Sophia Loren, Mira Sorvino, Deborah Kara Unger, Gerard Depardieu, Malcolm McDowell, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Pete Postlethwaite, and is written and directed by Edoardo Ponti. Between Strangers is a richly layered ensemble piece interweaving the stories of three women of different generations whose lives radically change when they confront their past, and in the process, embrace life's possibilities.

Sophia Loren portrays a housewife trapped in an unhappy marriage; Mira Sorvino is a photojournalist who receives acclaim for a TIME magazine cover but cannot remember taking the picture; and Deborah Kara Unger plays a cellist, alienated from her husband and child by her obsession to track down her father.

Gerard Depardieu plays an eccentric gardener who befriends Loren; Malcolm McDowell portrays Unger's ex-convict father; Klaus Maria Brandauer is Sorvino's world-renowned photojournalist father who sees his daughter as an extension of himself; and Pete Postlethwaite is Loren's younger husband whose dreams of track and field stardom were shattered by a freak accident.

Edoardo Ponti made his feature film directorial debut on Between Strangers, which also marked the first time he and his mother worked together on a film. The producer of this Canadian-Italian co-production is Gabriella Martinelli, who also produced Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. Recorded and mixed at Preisner Studio, Niepoomice, Poland. Orchestra recorded at Studio S4 S2 Warsaw, Poland. Recording director and mix engineer: Geoff Foster.

The soundtrack CD was released only in Canada in 2002.