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Sanyuan Peng

1. Lullaby (1:44)
2. The Beginning of the Story (1:07)
3. Missing (0:55)
4. On the Journey (2:02)
5. Friendship (2:55)
6. Memories from Youth (3:23)
7. Woman in the Rain (1:11)
8. Retrospective (0:55)
9. False Hope (2:01)
10. Lost and Love – Main Theme (1:04)
11. Last Hope (1:39)
12. Dinner (0:51)
13. First Bridge (0:48)
14. Swathe I (0:34)
15. Village (1:40)
16. Dreams (1:01)
17. Swathe II (1:00)
18. Night (2:27)
19. Bus Stop (3:09)
20. Flashback (5:47)
21. Lost and Love – Main Theme II (0:59)
22. Lady’s Death (3:51)
23. Lullaby II (1:41)
24. In the Car (2:31)
25. Lost and Love – Main Theme III (2:40)
26. End Credits (2:49)
Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra of National Forum of Music, Wroc´┐Żaw
Conductor Adam Klocek
Violin solo : Radoslaw Pujanek

Piano : Konrad Mastylo

Guitars : John Parricelli

Harp : Marta Glenszczyk

Flute : Jacek Ostaszewski
Label: Virgin France
Cat No: 7243 841258-2


1. Loss (Eminent Domain)
2. Lake (Dekalog)
3. Beginning (A Short Film About Killing)
4. Decision (A Short Film About Killing)
5. Holocaust (Dekalog 8)
6. Nymphea (Dekalog 9)
7. Puppets (The Double Life Of Veronique)
8. Rain (The Secret Garden)
9. Walking Through The Garden (The Secret Garden)
10. Mary And Robin Together (The Secret Garden)
11. Colin Opens His Eyes (The Secret Garden)
12. Lava (Mouvements du Desir)
13. Love Story Lava (Mouvements du Desir)
14. Angel Falls (At Play In The Fields Of The Lord)
15. Damage (Damage)
16. Homecoming (When A Man Loves A Woman)
17. Battle (Europa Europa)
18. Dawn (Quartet in 4 Movements)
19. Labyrinth (Egyptian Opera)
20. Sky (Egyptian Opera)
21. The End (Three Colours White)
22. Finale (Three Colours Red)
23. Van Den Budenmayer (The Double Life Of Veronique)
24. Song For The Unification Of Europe (Three Colours Blue)
25. Loss (Eminent Domain)
Orchestra The Warsaw Symphony Orchestra & The Warsaw Chamber Chorus & Childrens' Chorus of the Krakow Philharmonic
Conductor Zdzislaw Szostak / Ryszard Zimak / Lidia Halon
Soloists Elzbieta Towarnicka - soprano
Piotr Lykowski - countertenor
Jacek Ostaszewski - recorder
Konrad Mastylo - piano
Jerzy Glowczewski - alto saxophone
Jerzy Klocek - cello
Wieslaw Kwasny - violin
Piotr Kwasny - violin
Anna Sikorzak-Olek - harp
Janusz Strobel - guitar

"I don't like going back and doing what I've already done, but I had to know whether my music 'sounded' as good without a film accompanying it. Did it stand up on its own two feet when removed from its cinematic context? To check this, I chose the Wieliczka salt mine, near Krakow: a secret, mysterious magical place 130 metres below ground. A unique atmosphere with exceptional acoustics.

The risk was great though: a subterranean symphony orchestra connected by 400 metres of cables to technical equipment on the ground above. Anything could have happened. Yet it all went incredibly well. I separated the music into five parts, which I chose in line with my tastes and instincts and which combined into a single 'suite'. I wanted to produce more than just a concert; I wanted to put on a musical show. The concert was indeed a rite, a 'mysterium'.

My audience and I felt that my music lived its own life, albeit entirely at my command. Far from the studios and the mixing rooms, I rediscovered the soul of the orchestra and, for the first time ever, I heard my music exactly as I imagined it. I will always remember the Wieliczka concert as a unique step forward in the pursuit of my artistic freedom."

Zbigniew Preisner

Recorded 130 metres below ground in the church of Wieliczka, Poland, excavated out of the abandoned salt mine of Cracovia.