Label: Silva Classics
Cat No: SILKD 6028

Hans Petter Moland

1. Aberdeen- Beginning of the story
2. Return to the Past
3. Road
4. On the Deck
5. Night Landscapes
6. Memories From Childhood
7. Lovers
8. Crying For Help/ Humiliation
9. Border
10. Aberdeen- piano version
11. For You
12. I Am Not Your Father
13. Visit In Hospital
14. Be Always Like That
15. Wandering In Time And Space
16. A Last Goodbye
17. Aberdeen End Titles
Soloists Leszek Mozdzer - piano
Stefan Sendecki - electronic keyboards
John Parricelli - guitar
Andy Pask - bass guitar
Wojciech Kowalewski - percussion
Stina Nordenstam - voice

Aberdeen is about a young woman who is forced to take her drunken father by sea and road from Oslo to the hospital in Aberdeen where her mother is dying. The film stars Lena Headey, Stellan Skarsgard, Charlotte Rampling and Ian Hart.

"When I realised Zbigniew was the one single contribution to Aberdeen I couldn't live without, I was almost done editing the film. It was unusual for me to still not have settled on a composer at this late stage. I had twisted my brain and produced many musical approaches but nothing seemed right. Then I tried laying a piece of Zbigniew's music on to a small scene and it became apparent that Zbigniew would be able to unlock the pent-up emotions of the characters in the film.

One often hears, when people are talking about great artists, that they are difficult to work with. But most artists with a burning vision or a great talent have difficulty accepting the limitations set by the cowardice of mediocre collaborators. The music to Aberdeen is a miracle. Since we met late in the process I had only a short amount of time to get to know the man. We needed to find a common key and approach the work very fast. So you have to give of yourself, you have to share your feelings and thoughts with great candour. I believe I gave Zbigniew my confidence. I tried to put myself in his shoes: if a stranger comes to me and lavishes compliments on me, and then asks me to do a job, why not trust the instinct of the man you admire? Of course I had my own opinion - working with composers is inherently complicated for a director - but I am so proud of this music, of his wonderful contribution to the film, and finally I am proud that I made the film that could inspire Zbigniew to such endearing work.

During a late meal with Zbigniew and the musicians before I left Krakow I told Zbigniew how happy I was and that he would probably sell more albums of the soundtrack than I would sell tickets to the film. He just laughed, but we made a bet. I knew of course of his popularity, but then I heard that he had sold 80,000 copies of Requiem for my friend in Poland alone. I wouldn't mind if he wins the bet, as long it is a close race."

Hans Petter Moland

The music was recorded and mixed by Rafal Paczkowski, assisted by Jacek Koltuniak and Wojtek Siwiecki, at Preisner Music Studio in Krakow in January 2000. The soundtrack album was first released in 2000 on Silva Classics / Preisner Edition.

Label: 602577665394
Cat No:


1. Roots
2. Wayfarer
3. Birth
4. Nocturne
5. Confession
6. America
7. Australia
8. Nightmare
9. To Those We Love
Soloists Lisa Gerrard - voice
Dominik Wania- piano